Friday, 20 July 2012

Jekyll and ruby 1.9.3 site not regenerating

If you are trying to compile a site with Jekyll and ruby 1.9.3 and you have some dodgy yaml front matter in one of your posts, your site just won't regenerate. Step 1 is to edit your _config.yaml and set auto: false. If you leave auto:true then it won't report the errors at all. With that, if you run your jekyll --server command again, you could get an error to the effect of "did not find expected key while parsing a block mapping at line" blah blah blah. The error isn't particularly useful. However, help is at hand - see this pull request which you can manually apply to your gem if you want and you'll start to get meaningful error messages again. I monkey patched mine by editing my lib/jekyll/post.rb file to include the pull request's code. I guess you could use RVM and use an older ruby version, but this did the job for me

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