Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Adding an item to Linux Mint Cinnamon Menu

Last time I took you through installing Sublime Text 2 on Linux Mint. The trouble with doing the install the manual way as I showed and not using sudo apt-get is that you don't get the neat integration into the operating system so you wont find Sublime Text in your Menu and if you search it wont be there yet. Right click on the "Menu" in the bottom left and choose "Edit Menu". You should have something that looks like this:
Excellent. On my install, Programming was not yet ticked, so I clicked the checkbox so that the Programming section would show up in my Applications menu. Then on the left hand side, you need to click Programming, or whichever other category you want to put Sublime Text into and then on the right, click the "New Item" and fill it in as follows:
If you followed along when I installed Sublime Text, you aliased subl to launch Sublime Text. Clicking where the icon is will let you choose the icon location. I used the 48x48 icon in the Sublime Text 2 directory. Finally click the "show" text box against the new entry and you should be good to go. Sublime Text 2 will now show up in your menu under the Programming category and also if you start typing Sublime Text 2 in the search box.

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  1. Thank you very much for reminding this tip. I was trying to set the icon of the launcher for a long time :D