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Poor person's guide to managing Ruby versions

Understanding the guts of Ruby Version Management by rolling your own I've been tinkering with a fresh install of Ubuntu 12.10, setting up a nice clean development environment. One of the first things to do, of course, is implement some sort of Ruby version management. RVM and rbenv seem to be the clear winners in this arena, though there are a lot of tools out there that do a similar job.
Writing your own version management for your Rubies isn't actually all that difficult. At it's core, we need need two things:
A way to segregate the executables of the various versionsA way to call the versions at will Segregating versions is trivial - working with files and folders, we can put the various versions into named directories.
Actually executing our different versions is not all that difficult either. One way would be to create aliases with version numbers and explicitly call those when we want to use them. The more popular way, however, is to manipulate our PATH variable. Th…

Rails 3.2, MiniTest Spec and Capybara

What do you do when you love your spec testing with Capybara but you want to veer off the beaten path of Rspec and forge ahead into MiniTest waters? Follow along, and you'll have not one, but two working solutions.The setupQuickly now, let's throw together an app to test this out. I'm on rails 3.2.9. $ rails new minicap Edit the Gemfile to include a test and development block group :development, :test do gem 'capybara' gem 'database_cleaner' end Note the inclusion of database_cleaner as per the capybara documentationAnd bundle: $ bundle We will, of course, need something to test against, so for the sake of it, lets throw together a scaffold, migrate our database and prepare our test database all in one big lump. If you are unclear on any of this, goread the guides. $ rails g scaffold Book name:string author:string $ rake db:migrate $ rake db:test:prepare Make it minitestTo make rails use minitest, we simply add a require statement to our test_helper.rb:…